Terms & Conditions

We are happy for you to collect and return from us free of charge if you are local to postcode area TR14. Please enter NOPOSTAGE at checkout if you would like to collect and return the bunting in person.  
Alternatively, a courier service will be booked to deliver the bunting to you in plenty of time before your event. We will also arrange for it to be collected from an address of your choice on a date agreed by you 1-2 days after your event.
Once you have finished with the bunting, all we ask is that you can please fold it back up concertina style back into the box as it arrived, no need to wash or iron, we will take care of that.
In your box of bunting you will find a mailing bag. So all you have to do is place the box of folded bunting inside the mailing bag and seal it ready for collection from the agreed address. The courier will bring the address label with them. Easy Peasy!!!!
£25 shipping includes delivery and return for up to 50 metres. £40 for amounts over 60 metres.
Please do not use pins or any other sharp objects to hang my bunting up. Blu Tak and similar sticky objects can stain and ruin the fabrics so please avoid using these. The best ways of hanging bunting are to use string or ribbon ties round the binding or your venue might have hooks already in place. Speak to your venue if you are not sure. 
A deposit equal to 50% of the total hire cost (minimum deposit £25) is required at the time of booking on top of your hire cost. This can be given in the form of a post dated cheque dated with your wedding date. Once we have received the bunting back from you it will be inspected, if there is any damage the cost of repairs will be deducted from your deposit. If every care is taken with the bunting the deposit will remain untouched and the cheque will be returned to you or destroyed. 
Alternatively you can pay for this deposit by using our secure payment card merchant iZettle and this amount will be refunded once the bunting is received back in good condition.
Any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.